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Rock-n-Boho Clothing: Embracing the Spirit of 70's Rock 'n Roll and Bohemian Chic. Our mission is to curate a timeless blend of vintage-inspired fashion that celebrates individuality, freedom, and the rebellious spirit of the era. With a fusion of rock 'n roll edge and bohemian flair, we aspire to empower our customers to express their unique style with confidence, while honoring the legacy of the iconic 70's era.

How it started.... As a child of the 70's, I loved playing dress up in my mom's closet. I fell in love with the 70's Bohemian vibe and loved how clothes made me feel. Playing dress up in my mom’s closet is where my passion for clothes began. I followed a few other passions before starting my own business. I was a flight attendant with a private charter airline. I traveled all over the world and fell in love with different cultures. After 9/11 I made a career change and landed in the advertising industry. I worked for several luxury travel magazines and websites. In 2015 I lost my Mom, best friend and cheerleader Shirley. That changed the trajectory of my life. That loss changed everything for me.  With nothing left to lose I packed up my car and 2 dogs Fifi and Coco and moved from Ft Lauderdale to Nashville. I had only been to Nashville on 2 weekend getaways, but I felt like this was the place I belonged (I was right).  After moving to Nashville and being inspired by the local vibrant music scene and the people I met that were fearlessly following their own dreams.  I decided to follow my lifelong passion in late 2018 and launch Rock-n-Boho Clothing. In 2020 I purchased a turquoise blue school bus so I could take Rock-n-Boho on the road. I named the bus after my Mom Shirley and her signature is right next to the front door riding shotgun. In 2020 Rock-n-Boho Clothing was voted best Mobile Boutique in TN by Boutique Hub. In 2021 Rock-n-Boho was voted Nashville's Favorite small business by the Nashville Scene.

I look forward to meeting you!  

Peace, Love & Rock-n-Boho


Michelle Vejar 






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